TONGCHEMThe logo consists of two blue arrows and TONGCHEM black lettering. The two blue curved arrows are simple and clear, just like two hands are tightly linked to each other, and vividly demonstrate the spirit of “integrity, cooperation, and reciprocity”.

      We are constantly exploring and innovating. With rigorous, efficient, and reliable work style, we provide customers with the best products and services with "full of passion and dedication." We are constantly forging ahead and striving to make the company truly a modern enterprise with scientific management, large-scale industrialization, information networking, and international market.

      TONGCHEM Spirit

Doing things: pragmatic, dry, trustworthy, solidarity and cooperation

Being human: kind sincere, self-confident, self-motivated, full of passion

Style: diligence, diligence, diligence

Talent Management Philosophy: not only academic qualifications, pragmatic and dedicated, both moral integrity and moral integrity. Respect each employee's personal dignity, let each employee participate in the dialogue, encourage employees to actively put forward their own opinions or suggestions to the company, so that they have the opportunity to work with the company in a concerted effort to maximize their potential.